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Why Do You Need AIM?

Filling visa application forms looks simple enough, yet many visa applications fail.

In many cases, the visa applicant misread the application criteria and or simply did not met the application criteria.  A visa refused status is not only disappointing but the related fees and consequent anxiety could have been avoided, if only a preliminary assessment has been carried out by a competent migration agent before the lodgement of visa application.

Some migration agents will charge an initial consultation fee, others will not. Some websites represent that the preliminary assessment is free, but many start charging you on an hourly basis after you complete your personal details.

Free initial consultation seldom works and takes up your time by having to fill many on-line forms.

If the visa is important to you and your future, do not take any chances.  Consult us at AIM and obtain a preliminary assessment advice to determine:

  • the basis for a visa grant, depending on your purpose and situation;
  • option to apply for other visas, if any,
  • whether you are likely to satisfy the criteria for the visa suited to your situation;
  • plan of action, if any, to qualify you for visa grant in the future, if you do  not readily qualify at this time;

Finally, Immigration law is complex and constantly changing and we provide the things that matter most to you and your family when you are emigrating;-

  • High Application Success Rate
  • Expertise in visa processing and resettlement.
  • Personalised, in-depth assessment procedures
  • Ongoing support and assistance from start to finish
  • Peace of mind & value for money

– and we help to protect you from the risks that can ruin your emigration dreams;-

  • Higher failure rate of Do-It-Yourself applications
  • Complex visa regulations and application procedures
  • Changeable government immigration policies
  • Increasing competition for immigrant places
  • Unregulated, inadequate migration advisers

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